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SunHe Hong's Art Book Metamorphosis 
A Divine Feminine Path
Published by One Art Space Gallery New York City


Metamorphosis: A Divine Feminine Path is Sunhe Hong’s first book. This one-of-a-kind collection consists of four themes; The Enigmatic Void (2007 – 2008), which showcases isolation through monochromatic drawings, Sensuous Nature (2012 – 2016), which captures the life cycles of inner growth and discovery, Divine Femininity (2012 – 2018), which celebrates the complexities of being female, and Metaphysical Encounter (2018-Present), composed of more recent work merging from self to interactive. Her initial process starts with a simple step of having others draw a simple line on the paper. Once the pen leaves the page, their energy is added and she incorporates their energy into her drawings further the boundary of the limitless abstract toward her work, a daring approach for an artist. This complicated, tumultuous journey unfolds with sensual vibrancy in this limited-edition compendium of Sunhe’s body of work over the last decade. Every page seamlessly expresses a distinctive, layered view of a woman’s identity reflected through her art.

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